The Delivery of Information Security Policies

The SOS (Security Online Support) Interactive Policy Solution

SOS (Security Online Support) is a unique information security policy product. It is designed specifically to ensure efficient delivery of security policies and embraces a comprehensive and quality set of policies.

This product delivers security policies directly to the users desktop in an effective and sometimes entertaining way. It includes a wide range of facilites and attempts to make the message directly relevant to day to day activities. Critically, the policies within are fully customisable.

The SOS interactive policy solution comprises:

  • A series of computer ‘Desktop’ tools, each of which is available from a user’s workstation or laptop
  • A system which identifies the key Information Security Issues and then the appropriate responses / safeguards to those threats; all in ‘non technical’ language.
  • A comprehensive database of ready made (but amendable) Information Security Policies delivered, in context, through RUSecure, directly to each user’s desktop.
  • Specific and focussed guidance to help establish an appropriate Information Security capability within your organisation
  • A range of diagrams, forms, procedures and registers, available instantly to all, as and when needed
  • A systems which provides comprehensive coverage of ISO 17799
    For further information, our presentation gives a detailed overview of the SOS offering.

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